Express Exchange’s Innovative Remittance Kits, Digital Application and Brandings Disrupt the Cameroon Remittance Market in February 2017

Today, the zeal for remittance operators in Cameroon to have a larger market presence and get as close as possible to their customers cannot be overstated. This passion and market development strategy was illustrated last month through Express Union’s latest innovations including: her online remittance service and her new ATM cards (Blue Card and Blue Boss) serving both remittance and banking purposes.

The same passion for substantial market presence was further illustrated in February 2017 through Express Exchange’s “game changing” strategy whereby, she launched her new remittance kits, digital application and brandings. With the mentioned innovative remittance solutions, Express Exchange shall develop partnerships with third-parties including individuals, shop owners, call box operators, traders, restaurant owners, etc. who shall provide remittance services and issue operation receipts at their respective locations under Express Exchange’s branding.

Already present in Cameroon with over 300 POS, this Express Exchange’s new partnership strategy is likely to disrupt the market and propel her to “Market Leader” ahead of Express Union, Western Union and MoneyGram in terms of visibility and market proximity. To have Express Exchange brands and services at the respective locations of her partners including: hostels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, market counters, call box points, etc. shall drastically uplift her market presence in Cameroon.

The goal to gain ample market share and obtain enough visibility further testifies to the maturity of this sector. In view of this trend, one can only expect the operators to stimulate the market with more PUSH and PULL campaigns giving that the clients already have a panoply of operators, services and solutions to choose from.


Major Hightlights of the Cameroon Remittance & Mobile Money Market in February 2017


Partnership Development


February 2017 witnessed the signing of one partnership.

  • Express Union partnered with CBC Bank, allowing all CBC Bank customers to have bigger platform (13 CBC Bank POS +700 Express Union POS) to carry out their respective transactions throughout Cameroon. In addition to the extended access platform, this deal also allows CBC Bank customers to benefit from Express Union’s open Sunday and Public Holiday Counters to bank as well. CBC Bank becomes the third bank-partner of Express Union after Societe Generale and Banque Atlantique. 



New Digital Remittance Solutions

Giving the trendy digitalization of financial services with innovative technological solutions, February 2017 saw one new innovation:

  • Express Exchange launched its new remittance kits, digital applications and brandings to extend its network presence and market proximity as much as possible. Through these innovative kits and brandings, Express Exchange is able to reach and serve many more Cameroonians by partnering with third-parties (individuals, shop owners, traders, students, etc.) who would provide Express Exchange services at their respective locations (neighborhood, shop, hostel, restaurant, beauty shop, etc.). This innovation is a “game changer” in the Cameroon market as it would likely allow Express Exchange to boost its market share and beat the record market presence of its top competitors including: Express Union, Western Union, MoneyGram, Emi Money, etc.

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